What’s Your Passion? How Do You Know When You’re Passionate About Something

As always I was excited to find someone else that loves Dancehall music and dance just as much as I do, about 7 months ago I received and email  from a young lady by the name of Asya (A-see-yah) , looking for Dancehall classes in my area and wanted to come out and meet up. Of course I welcomed the opportunity to dance and connect and invited her to class. However mother nature had a plan of its own … the winter months in the DMV had been pretty long and unpredictable the past few years,  driving most people indoors during the winter seasons; ‘aka’  the class actually turned into a 1 on 1 session,  but it didn’t matter.

You know your passionate about something when you show up ready to give 100%regardless of how hard things may get, regardless of who’s coming, or who’s watching, and everything about it makes you feel so good that you want to share that feelings with others.

It turns out Asya and I were on the same page, we met in the studio and got to know one another a little better.  I learned that she was from Moscow, Russia and came to the DMV area for other school studies. Asya was also  apart of a dance crew back in her hometown that performed hip hop and …Yup …(if you haven’t already figured it out yet) DANCEHALL !

So here we were ….

Two women with many differences, in language, cultures, countries, and backgrounds, in the middle of probably what was a horrible winter night, united by our passion to dance and the love of the dancehall culture.

Dancers: Asya Shavrova & Erica Rae

United By Dance #danceunites #passionforward

We Luv Yuh Bad…

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Women of Dancehall :16 Female Dancehall Instructors Inspired To Share Their Love of Dancehall With The World

Over the past few years Dancehall (Dance), style, movement, and the demand for learning more about the culture has grown a lot in popularity over the past few years. The dance style is being taught and studied by many dancers around the world by some truly talented and informative individuals.

However as a female I recently felt the strong need/want to bring attention to THE LADIES that have been dominating, not only the dance floor, video light, and stages but also the dance classroom as educators/ influential within their dance community; Below (and in no particular order) are just a few Female Instructors/Choreographers/Entrepreneurs in the Dancehall Community, that are making an impact Dancing, Teaching, and Sharing their love of Dancehall & Dancehall Inspired classes and international workshops .

Respect to all of these ladies and the ones I did not get to mention in this particular post. Overall you can tell that no matter where you come from dancehall and dance is a passion that all of these ladies have with the goal  to inform, energize, and create within the dance community around them. These things are very similar to Raediant Movement’s mission and goals that I would love to achieve as well. So  whether these ladies know me or not I consider them my, “like minded sisters in dance.”

I encourage ANYONE READING to click on the links below and get to know more about these women. If you know a few more Dancehall (or Ragga), Choreographer/ Instructors/ Entrepreneurs that are not listed here,

feel free to give them a shout out; in the comment section below.


    1. Latonya Style
    2. Laure Courtellemont
    3. Shelly Xpressionz
    4. Stacia Fya
    5. Dionne Renée
    6. Kimiko Miller
    7. Mystic Davis
    8. Hanna Herbertson
    9. Jessica Phoenix
    10. Blazin Dance Crew (KAYLISS, JAYANE, QUEENSY, M-DY)
    11. Swaggi Maggi
    12. Black OutCrew (Vendela, Binta, Mathilde)
    13. Melpo Mellz
    14. Queen Latesha
    15. Enough Crew 
    16. Tavia & Tamara 

TOP 5 High Energy Dancehall Favorites To Break Your Shy Dance Students Out of Their Shell

There’s nothing like being in class and your favorite song comes on. All of a sudden all of your past worries about dancing with a bunch of strangers, now turns into “These strangers better get out of my way.. I LOVE THIS SONG” aka Shy No More! As an instructor I love seeing when my students relax, feel the music, and find their own personal groove. Here’s my top 5 class favorites, some of these are pretty old making them that much more effective, everyone likes to reminisce and party to songs that bring back the best memories.






I use these songs often especially for beginner classes and after every class there are two questions I always get. “What’s the name of the song we used” and “Who sings that song?”. Each time I smile, rattle off the name and encourage them to look up the artist. This does two  things, encourages them to learn more about  Dancehall music, the DJ’s, and a little more about the dance culture the songs are often attached to.  I’ve learned that the more information my students are armed with it really helps them find it easier to fall into a groove the next time they come into class.

Through The Looking Glass

And Yet Again, I’m in between teaching a classes lol. I’ve been in a choreographer’s love affair with this song for a few years, it’s actually the first song I began dancing to after having my 3yr old. I will have to find the video of that and compare the two…..

*Confession, I have this issue with dancing in my head, thinking so much that I don’t express it physically in my movement; in fact I think i do it in the first few seconds of this video*

But on this particular day I wanted to challenge myself to “just move”, and not think about the outcome. So I playlist searched then scrolled and landed on ‘Lullaby for Stephen’, by Aya. Taking a peek, trying to push myself, open up and share whatever I’m feeling in that very moment. I wonder what can be seen by others through the mirror as you watch…. you feedback is welcomed.  ^_^


National Dance Day (no matter what)

Saturday July 28th was National Dance Day across the US, what an awesome time to sample dance from all over the DC Metro area, all in once place. There was hip-hop, line dance, Bollywood, mime, contemporary, ballet Jazz, my favorite was the tribute to MJ danced by the dancers or Spotlight Dance Studio. You may be wondering how come Raediant was there and didn’t perform? Well here’s the story!

I entered Raediant Movement to perform a dancehall piece, the piece was accepted but under the condition that I need to find more dancers to perform as a GROUP (min. 4). In a scramble to find dancers that #1 are interested in Dancehall ; #2 are able to execute the choreography accurately & #3 available to perform on a weeks notice…..I was able to find 3 willing dancers.  As we get down to crunch time one of my dancers gets sick, bringing me down to 3 dancers. Amongst the pressure to learn / teach choreography at the last-minute and the need to be performance ready for the first time introducing this style to the DC area. What to do??
I regretfully opted out of performing, the artist in me wants things to be flawless (as possible). The business women in me argued that this is a great marketing/ networking opportunity, I shouldnt pass up.I decided that I would still go down to the National Mall on that *hot* Saturday afternoon and still represent Raediant Movement, I danced for the Ovation National Dance Day Camera, I passed out business cards & I made a little video all in good fun and great spirit of the day. Things may not have gone as planned but I really enjoyed being there to take it all in as a spectator and besides there’s always a next time, and random moments of dance to share.

Its All a Process

Dance Journal- Hear My Call

In between classes, playing with movement and ideas- This was done before the His Lullaby video all of these may look similar but elements all contribute to a bigger picture. Thanks for watching and being apart of my process 🙂

As a parent, teacher,and performing artist I tend to try to create at any free moment I have. I must admit its always fun to see my when my kids take interest in movement, just because i want to see how what I’m doing moves them and how they react to the music. You can see for the most part he’s in his on world most of the time, before to deciding to partner up with me.