National Dance Day (no matter what)

Saturday July 28th was National Dance Day across the US, what an awesome time to sample dance from all over the DC Metro area, all in once place. There was hip-hop, line dance, Bollywood, mime, contemporary, ballet Jazz, my favorite was the tribute to MJ danced by the dancers or Spotlight Dance Studio. You may be wondering how come Raediant was there and didn’t perform? Well here’s the story!

I entered Raediant Movement to perform a dancehall piece, the piece was accepted but under the condition that I need to find more dancers to perform as a GROUP (min. 4). In a scramble to find dancers that #1 are interested in Dancehall ; #2 are able to execute the choreography accurately & #3 available to perform on a weeks notice…..I was able to find 3 willing dancers.  As we get down to crunch time one of my dancers gets sick, bringing me down to 3 dancers. Amongst the pressure to learn / teach choreography at the last-minute and the need to be performance ready for the first time introducing this style to the DC area. What to do??
I regretfully opted out of performing, the artist in me wants things to be flawless (as possible). The business women in me argued that this is a great marketing/ networking opportunity, I shouldnt pass up.I decided that I would still go down to the National Mall on that *hot* Saturday afternoon and still represent Raediant Movement, I danced for the Ovation National Dance Day Camera, I passed out business cards & I made a little video all in good fun and great spirit of the day. Things may not have gone as planned but I really enjoyed being there to take it all in as a spectator and besides there’s always a next time, and random moments of dance to share.

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