TOP 5 High Energy Dancehall Favorites To Break Your Shy Dance Students Out of Their Shell

There’s nothing like being in class and your favorite song comes on. All of a sudden all of your past worries about dancing with a bunch of strangers, now turns into “These strangers better get out of my way.. I LOVE THIS SONG” aka Shy No More! As an instructor I love seeing when my students relax, feel the music, and find their own personal groove. Here’s my top 5 class favorites, some of these are pretty old making them that much more effective, everyone likes to reminisce and party to songs that bring back the best memories.






I use these songs often especially for beginner classes and after every class there are two questions I always get. “What’s the name of the song we used” and “Who sings that song?”. Each time I smile, rattle off the name and encourage them to look up the artist. This does two  things, encourages them to learn more about  Dancehall music, the DJ’s, and a little more about the dance culture the songs are often attached to.  I’ve learned that the more information my students are armed with it really helps them find it easier to fall into a groove the next time they come into class.

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