Melp Mellz

13. Melpo Mellz is of Greek descent but was raised in Sweden. With over 10 years’ experience she is a much respected dancer/choreographer/teacher all over the world. Melpo Mellz was inspired and trained in many different dance styles her primary focus always been on dancehall and hiphop. She is a self-learned dancehall dancer, who learned straight from the streets of Kingston, by watching and dancing alongside old school dancers like Bogle, John Hype, Ding Dong, Overmarz, Black Blingaz, for which contribute to whom she is today. Melpo Mellz is a part of the dance duo DOUBLE TROUBLE and together they travelled, performed, inspired people and dancers around the world with their shows, style and dance. Melpo had a vision “Spread the authentic real dancehall from Jamaica around Sweden and thanks to her hard work, dedication, passion and her students she made it- but it hasn’t been easy.” Melpo is currently owner of MAD dance which include sub crew SoMAD, Outcome, Talawa.

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