What’s Your Passion? How Do You Know When You’re Passionate About Something

As always I was excited to find someone else that loves Dancehall music and dance just as much as I do, about 7 months ago I received and email  from a young lady by the name of Asya (A-see-yah) , looking for Dancehall classes in my area and wanted to come out and meet up. Of course I welcomed the opportunity to dance and connect and invited her to class. However mother nature had a plan of its own … the winter months in the DMV had been pretty long and unpredictable the past few years,  driving most people indoors during the winter seasons; ‘aka’  the class actually turned into a 1 on 1 session,  but it didn’t matter.

You know your passionate about something when you show up ready to give 100%regardless of how hard things may get, regardless of who’s coming, or who’s watching, and everything about it makes you feel so good that you want to share that feelings with others.

It turns out Asya and I were on the same page, we met in the studio and got to know one another a little better.  I learned that she was from Moscow, Russia and came to the DMV area for other school studies. Asya was also  apart of a dance crew back in her hometown that performed hip hop and …Yup …(if you haven’t already figured it out yet) DANCEHALL !

So here we were ….

Two women with many differences, in language, cultures, countries, and backgrounds, in the middle of probably what was a horrible winter night, united by our passion to dance and the love of the dancehall culture.

Dancers: Asya Shavrova & Erica Rae

United By Dance #danceunites #passionforward

We Luv Yuh Bad…

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