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Through The Looking Glass

And Yet Again, I’m in between teaching a classes lol. I’ve been in a choreographer’s love affair with this song for a few years, it’s actually the first song I began dancing to after having my 3yr old. I will have to find the video of that and compare the two…..

*Confession, I have this issue with dancing in my head, thinking so much that I don’t express it physically in my movement; in fact I think i do it in the first few seconds of this video*

But on this particular day I wanted to challenge myself to “just move”, and not think about the outcome. So I playlist searched then scrolled and landed on ‘Lullaby for Stephen’, by Aya. Taking a peek, trying to push myself, open up and share whatever I’m feeling in that very moment. I wonder what can be seen by others through the mirror as you watch…. you feedback is welcomed.  ^_^