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Women of Dancehall :16 Female Dancehall Instructors Inspired To Share Their Love of Dancehall With The World

Over the past few years Dancehall (Dance), style, movement, and the demand for learning more about the culture has grown a lot in popularity over the past few years. The dance style is being taught and studied by many dancers around the world by some truly talented and informative individuals.

However as a female I recently felt the strong need/want to bring attention to THE LADIES that have been dominating, not only the dance floor, video light, and stages but also the dance classroom as educators/ influential within their dance community; Below (and in no particular order) are just a few Female Instructors/Choreographers/Entrepreneurs in the Dancehall Community, that are making an impact Dancing, Teaching, and Sharing their love of Dancehall & Dancehall Inspired classes and international workshops .

Respect to all of these ladies and the ones I did not get to mention in this particular post. Overall you can tell that no matter where you come from dancehall and dance is a passion that all of these ladies have with the goal  to inform, energize, and create within the dance community around them. These things are very similar to Raediant Movement’s mission and goals that I would love to achieve as well. So  whether these ladies know me or not I consider them my, “like minded sisters in dance.”

I encourage ANYONE READING to click on the links below and get to know more about these women. If you know a few more Dancehall (or Ragga), Choreographer/ Instructors/ Entrepreneurs that are not listed here,

feel free to give them a shout out; in the comment section below.


    1. Latonya Style
    2. Laure Courtellemont
    3. Shelly Xpressionz
    4. Stacia Fya
    5. Dionne Renée
    6. Kimiko Miller
    7. Mystic Davis
    8. Hanna Herbertson
    9. Jessica Phoenix
    10. Blazin Dance Crew (KAYLISS, JAYANE, QUEENSY, M-DY)
    11. Swaggi Maggi
    12. Black OutCrew (Vendela, Binta, Mathilde)
    13. Melpo Mellz
    14. Queen Latesha
    15. Enough Crew 
    16. Tavia & Tamara 

Raediant Re-Vamped ~ Hello world!

 As most Blogs this started out as one thing and has now turned into something all together different. Now don’t worry my original idea of this blog has not been thrown completely out the window I just have to find another way to get it done. In the mean time, Im journaling, ranting, raving, dancing, creating and putting it all here for the world to see.
About Me~~ I’m Erica Rae a dancer from Philadelphia, whose background is in Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, South African, and Latin dance. I love experimenting with movement, its differences and similarities of dance in many different cultures.

ME & Dance or Dance & I–> Where it all started….I began dancing with Miss Brenda Lee at Brenda Lee’s Dance Studio as my mother’s way to get out of the house. My older sister took classes so i was sent along with her and lo and behold i stuck with it. Once I entered high school i grew to love dance more than i even thought i could. I grew up with a good foundation in technique, I was accepted into a performing arts high school it is there that i was introduced to Alvin Ailey, the Horton Technique and be it that I am from Philadelphia PHILADANCO, just like the rest of my peers. By college I had discovered National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica. I really am interested in the similarities of dance between the two countries and other Caribbean dance styles as a whole.

I may as well tell you know right now, that I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things Jamaica, Dancehall , Reggae & Flava Dance I was bit with that bug at the age of about 13 before I even got a chance to visit the island. When I saw “Shabba Ranks” Trailer Load of Gal, Chaka Demus & Pliers “Murder She Wrote, & of course Patra “Romantic Call”, I saw these videos and HAD to learn to tic and wine up my body Chaka Demus & Plers “Murder She Wrote” Somewhere along the way of sneaking into dances, studying the dance movements, i began to develop an even stronger interest in the culture and history of Jamaica. I also began to grow in my studies of dance throughout high school and college. There is no question i love to express myself through movement.

What to make of all of this……I believe i have a story to tell, knowledge and movement to share with others and just a need to express myself. Join me on my dance journey as i explore learn and continue to grow, as a dancer, instructor, and choreographer……

Raediant Movement allows me to express each dance styles and my passion for both